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Be the star of your own Parisian pictures and videoclip 

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About me

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My name is Julie, parisian photographer at your service!

Photographer by formation, i've worked for several magazines and Paris fashion weeks.

Organizing private photoshoots for 3 years now, i love meeting new people and being a little part of their Paris memories!

I am also social media manager for a media company and have several big accounts to take care of. My job is to work with "influencers" to create the perfect pics according to their style, brand and content.
I know the power a good image can have and i'd like everyone to be able to capture the perfect souvenirs of their french adventure!

Looking forward to meet you, à bientôt.

Add the video service to your session to get your own Parisian videoclip!

tour eiffel tower paris photographer photographe instatour photoshoot

What to expect?

Picture that:
You are in Paris, one of the most beautiful cities in the world, you're strolling through the city with a croissant in your hand and around a corner, here is that very chic (and instagrammable) background everyone wants to be at.

You need a picture...
Not just a picture in fact, you need THE picture! 

We're not talking about selfies here but professionnal effortless pictures of you living the parisian dream. You want a professionnal photographer and, lucky for you, that's why i'm here!


parisienne palais royal paris colonnes buren instatour instagrammable instagrammables reflet reflection photoshoot photographe photographer privé private
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A stroll around the most iconic and instagrammable places in Paris with your own private photographer,
what could be better to capture these parisian moments?!

tour eiffel tower paris photographer photographe instatour photoshoot

Several kind of photoshoots are available:
• Paris "Instatour"
• Solo traveller
• Couple photoshoot
• Family/kids portraits
• Family portraits
• Blogging/Branding session

Just chose the one that fits your wishes the best and voilà:
Paris will be yours!!!

Do not hesitate to contact me and ask any question you could have.
Looking forward to meet you, à bientôt!

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« Paris je t'aime »



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