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cadenas loverlocks paris instatour
cadenas loverlocks paris instatour


Couple vacations are special times that you don't want to immortalize with a pixelated smartphone selfie. 
You want perfect souvenirs of these moments, not (bad) pictures taken by (nice) strangers, right!?! 

You need a real photographer and i'm here for you!

"We'll always have Paris!"

couple lovers amoureux pyramid pyramid Louvre Paris

You want THE perfect spots to express your love?

You'll got them with this special photo tour in some of the most romantic places in Paris.

We'll snap some forever-worthy pictures that will amaze you and your entourage!  

couple amoureux lovers je t'aime cadenas d'amour loverslocks seine paris

If you have special places in mind i'll prepare a tailor made itinerary following your demands. 

If you just know that you're in love then i can create an itinerary with the most romantic places in the city such as

the Lover's bridge and some iconic romantic places!

In both case, it's your moment so you decide!

amoureux je t'aime lovers couple secret paris bague fiancailles proposal demande mariage

If you are planning to propose here in Paris, i'll be happy to help you make it the most perfect moment and i'll keep my lips 100% sealed until the rock is out!

It's always an honor to be part of that unique moment and i'd love to help you plan and immortalize your perfect Paris proposal!
Just check the "Services" to add it to your tour and we'll start to plan right away! 

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