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Image de Thaynara Pellerin


  • Don't be in Paris, be Parisian!

    65 euros
  • Capture your love in Paris!

    1 hr

    125 euros
  • 30 minutes, 1 place of your choice... And voilà!

    30 min

    40 euros
  • Add that Paris "je ne sais quoi" to your pictures!

    Sur devis
  • Nice is yours!

    1 hr 30 min

    75 euros
  • Your partner is the one and you've decided to propose in Paris. That y

    30 min

    50 euros
  • Possibilities are endless and it add an extra flair to your photos!

    15 min

    5 euros
  • Add the "Golden Hour" and its amazing light to your pictures!

    30 min

    100 euros
  • Contact me for birthdays, graduations or any special moment!

    Sur devis

Chose your "little plus"
and add it
to your photoshoot!

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