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You will find on this page the answers to the most frequently asked questions about my activity and my services. 
If however you do not find your answer on this page (or on the rest of the site), do not hesitate to contact me via the contact form, I will be happy to answer you. 


• What material do you use during your photoshoots? 
I use professional Canon digital equipment. I also use various high-end optics which allow me to offer you quality work on a daily basis.
• What is your style of photos? 
I am trained in photojournalism, which gives my work a photo-reportage approach closer to lifestyle/editorial photography than posed portraiture. 
I like to work in color but I also appreciate the aesthetics of a beautiful black and white, and this one is necessary sometimes to bring out the emotions better. 
• What is a lifestyle / editorial shoot? 
It's the opposite of a studio shoot. A lifestyle style, which promotes spontaneity and naturalness. The sessions in Paris, always around places that suit you, are conducive to relaxation, escape, and emotions.
• Can you use my memory card and/or my camera during the photoshoot? 
I only work with my camera so I will not use yours. Firstly because I won't have time to learn enough about yours during our tour and also because I don't have the insurance to work with other cameras so I prefer to avoid any problem/pause that could happen is better and less stressful for everyone;) 


• Are you still available on my chosen date? 
Just consult the schedule to know the proposed schedules. If you have a special request, do not hesitate to contact me, I am (almost) always available to help you as best as possible. 
What are your rates ? 
The hourly rate for photo shoots starts at 75 euros for an hour and a half. You can add as many hours as you want to your initial order. Of course, more hours = more backgrounds and more photos. I also offer 30-minute mini-shots, at one location, from just 40 euros.

How do we go from place to place during the photoshoot?

I usually use the metro as it is the easiest and faster way to move in Paris. This is not a city made for cars and it can be a nightmare to drive here.
If you prefer to have a car ride in between places, the cost of it will be yours.

Would i be able to change my outfit in between the shots?

If you don't want to have the same outfit on every picture, it's better to take some stuff you can put on and off easily since we will be in public areas (skirts, clothe that you can superpose, different vests or shirts, etc...).

If you want to wear high heels for the pics, it will be easy for you to have a pair of flat shoes to walk in between the shoots.

A backpack is a good idea, a suitcase not so much... Just saying though ;)

• I am interested, how can I book my session? 
Great! Nothing could be simpler: go to the reservation section and let yourself be guided! 
How many hours of photoshoot do we need? 
It depends on you, the number of places chosen and your budget. 
A one and a half hour "instatour" allows you to visit between 3 and 6 places depending on their distance. For families with toddlers (around 1 to 4 years old), the one-hour sessions are sufficient, both in terms of places to visit and energy. If your children are relatively independent (preschool or older), you can, of course, choose more coverage. Taking a family photo shoot with your children is, moreover, an excellent way to discover Paris as a family without stress. 
What if we need to cancel or reschedule? 
I fully understand that life's ups and downs are rarely predictable and, despite the best of intentions, it is sometimes difficult if not impossible to keep our dates. In case of force majeure (massive disruption of airports, canceled flights, visa problems, strikes, serious health problem ...) you will of course be able to postpone your session to another day / time. In the event of cancellation, you have a statutory withdrawal period of 14 days from the date of reservation. After this period, no deposit paid will be refunded if you cancel the reservation.
What if I'm a little late? 
Paris is a city full of surprises. That said, just as you expect your photographer to arrive on time, we also ask you to be on time. I do several photoshoots a day and have to make sure I am available for my next reservation. The maximum waiting time at the agreed meeting point is 15 minutes. 
To anticipate, please allow enough time to arrive at the meeting place. If you are late, message me or call me. We never know what can happen, so I can totally wait for you, don't worry :) In that case, if I have another session after yours I won't be able to extend the session to make up for the time lost because of it. of your late arrival.
Can i come with someone who is not booked on my session?
•Please come with the number of person you have booked for: No "friends that won't take pictures" nor someone that will "follow us from a distance" (it would be awkward to have someone left on the side during the all thing). First, i won't have insurance for non booked guests and i don't want take any risk. And no "i'll only take one pic" as it's like when you go to the movie or Disney: You'll pay the entrance even though you'll watch only 5min of the movie or if you do just one ride".
If you want to add more people, just let me know via message before the beginning of your session.


How many photos will I receive? 
I will choose the best shots taken during the session in order to deliver you a work of perfect quality. The number of photos received usually depends on your photoshoot. 
You will receive, on average: About fifteen photos for a 30-minute mini-shot; 
Between 40 and 50 photos for an instatour; About thirty photos for the family sessions. 
Between 40 and 50 photos for couple sessions. About twenty photos for the Blogging/Corporate sessions.
Are the pictures copyright free?
All images are watermark-free and will be retouched and delivered in high resolution digital format ready to print. 
They are not copyright free though. In accordance with Articles L. 111-1, L. 121-1, L. 121-2 and L. 123-1 of the Intellectual Property Code, I remain the sole owner of the photos. However, I give you the right to use and distribute the photos in a family and private setting. Thus, you will be able to freely share the photos with your loved ones, make your own prints and photo books without any obligation to go through my services. Only commercial use of these is prohibited. 
Can you send us all the pictures / rushes taken during our session? 
I usually take more than 150 photos per session so that I can choose the best ones. I will not send you the 150+ rushes / raw photos. First because it would take me hours and second because obviously a tour of over 150 photos would cost a lot more than what you sign up for. Don't worry, you will usually receive enough photos to post on your social media for about a year ... so don't be shy and show me the model in you;) You can also purchase your entire bundle of unretouched, high-resolution JPEG photos for just $ 150. What is the deadline for receiving my photos? You will receive your snaps within 24 hours after your photoshoot in Paris, you will usually receive a link to your private online gallery. The link includes all photos from your photoshoot
• Do you edit/modify my photos? 
Yes! All the pictures you will receive will be edited to bring out the vividness of colors, adjust exposure and get the lighting just right. 
Here's what is done on each of your photos with the standard photo editing included in each session: exposure, sharpness, contrast and light adjustments, blemish removal, (scars, pimples, redness, spots. ..) elimination of disturbing elements of the decor (waste, cigarette ends and others ...) 
If you want advanced retouching, you can add this service to your photoshoot. 
Advanced retouching includes: face and body edit, object removal, sky change, move / add or delete items / people, natural or surreal photo-montage, animated pictures, product / portrait editing... 
Can you print my photos? 
No. You will receive your photos in high resolution digital format via your private online gallery. They will be ready to print by the medium of your choice, but I do not offer this service. 
We lost our photos. Do you have a backup of our files?
 Unfortunately, I have too many clients to be able to keep all the photos. In fact, I suggest that you save them to your cloud as soon as you receive them. So you are sure to never lose them;)


When should I reserve your presence for my wedding? 
As soon as possible ! Sometimes I have several requests for the same date (especially in high season, between June and September) and I always favor people who are the first to be interested. So don't hesitate to tell me about your project if you are interested in one of my services.
Do you offer payment facilities for your services? 
If necessary, the service for a wedding can be paid in 3 installments, as follows: 40% of the total amount of the estimate at the time of booking (+ possible travel expenses), 30% two months before the wedding, and 30% one week before D-day. 
• Do you shoot weddings alone or do you have a second photographer accompanying you? 
When you get married, I will be working alone most of the time. But depending on your wishes, the program of the day or the number of guests, it is possible that another photographer will accompany me on your wedding day, at no additional cost to you! 
Do you offer video services for weddings? 
Yes! For weddings, I come with my assistant who supports me and allows me to take photos and videos at the same time. All the videos of the event will be edited into a clip on the soundtrack of your choice.
How many photos do you book on a wedding service? 
The number of photos that I give you on a wedding service is very variable. There are a lot of settings that affect the amount of images you will receive (weather, mood, locations, etc.). Plus, every marriage is different and every story is not told the same. On average, you will receive between 100 and 300 photos of your big day. 
What are your delivery times for the photos? 
For wedding reports, you will receive your login details to access your private gallery within 3 to 5 days. What if we need to cancel or reschedule? 
• What if we need to cancel or reschedule?
For weddings, the acceptance of the quote and the reservation are valid as a firm and final commitment. Thus, except in cases of force majeure (massive disruption of airports, canceled flights, strikes, visa problems, serious health problems ...), no cancellation is possible on the part of the two parties, customers and photographer. In the event of cancellation, you have a statutory withdrawal period of 14 days from the date of reservation. After this period, no deposit paid will be refunded if you cancel the reservation. If I am unavailable on the day of the service, a colleague will replace me at no additional cost to you.

Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

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